Saturday, April 26, 2014

April Showers ~ The Water Cycle Unit Study

Going along with the April Showers theme, I thought I'd pull together a quick water cycle unit study.

~Bill Nye has some incredible videos about weather and the water cycle. Check these out on youtube {HERE} 

~If you have Amazon Prime or Netflix, watch The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm Or check out this clip on youtube: Magic Tree House

~Learn more about the water cycle using this cute free printable from {Science Doodles}

~Need a little extra help on remembering the order? Use this bracelet idea and printable from {F is for First Grade}

~Of course science needs experiments!  {This} site has several ideas:

~And just for of all ages will like this snack from {Bug and Monkey Mama}

~Want to expand and learn more about clouds?
   ~Refined Metals Academy has a GREAT unit study to go along          with F.I.A.R. Check her out.

~Play a cloud game

~Do a little field work using these cloud cards from {Measured in Moments}

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