Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dramatic Play ~ Meteorologist

   A few years ago, my oldest was completely fascinated with meteorology and weather.  She immersed herself in weather books, experiments and pretend play.  We even created our own pretend weather station using poster board, maps and weather cards. 

  Technology is a little more advanced now and there are several ways to enhance this dramatic play. All you need is:

a physical map on a wall or a digital map on a tv or computer
a laptop or tablet with a web cam
weather cards
a pretend microphone

   Children LOVE to see themselves on TV. Face the laptop towards them so they can see themselves pointing at the map.  Give them weather cards to tape on the map while they are speaking and that's it.... simple.  I promise they'll have fun AND want to learn more. 

{My daughter at the Children's Museum of Houston}


My daughter's favorite weather book was Weather by Usborne Books:

Free weather cards:

Weather maps:

Learn More:

Young Meteorologist Program from Planit Now! is a fun 
site to learn about meteorology as a career.  They also have great resources as well as a game to learn more about weather. 

Make a barometer:

Or an anemometer:

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