Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Your September's Party should be arriving before this weekend.  I have a few tips for you:
To assemble the ship wraps, just bend at the perforation and insert the tab.
Because of size, I did not assemble the pirate hat. Use a piece of tape to attach the pirate hat to the stick.  Make sure to attach on the side so you can hold it above your head.  Using a stronger tape will ensure a longer hold. 
Happy Partying!!!

FREE Pirate Food Tent Download

I took the advice of one of the reviewers, Lynsey at . Like myself, my handwriting drives me crazy!  I much prefer to use the computer for any text for a party.   So, if you're the same way, I've included the Pirate Food Tent as a downloadable JPEG file.  Just download and print or download and add text using a free photo editing program.  My favorite online program is  You can find the download HERE.