Thursday, December 5, 2013

Breaking Tradition... or so I thought.

Our trimming the tree tradition has been the same since my husband and I were married.  We love pulling out all the ornaments from previous years and retrogress to the "good ol' days". While dancing to Christmas music, we decorate the front half the tree and everyone takes a turn putting the star on. Then when everyone is asleep, I try to "fix" the tree, but always get caught and have to just put on a smile. Then each day for the rest of the season, the rest of the tree decorations get broken or taken down by little hands. 
For whatever reason, I decided this year we were going to have a "homemade" holiday.  I wanted all of our ornaments to be handmade, rustic and perfect.  Well, have I told you I have 6 children?  Yep, perfect will not happen.  Day 1: Me: Guess what? We get to make these beautiful ornaments. (clear bulbs filled with rolled sheet music).  Them: Grumble, grumble.  Why do we have to put those in them.... why can't we do it this way.  Oh, I want to fill it with bright pink paint.  Oh, how about Legos...... Me: Pause, Deep Breath.  Oh, ok, I guess that would be fun. (very proud of myself). 
 So needless to say, my idea of a pure homemade rustic Christmas will not happen. But, I will have some amazing ornaments to pull out and talk about next year when we go back to our old tradition. After all, I miss my memories and the chaos... I guess a  messy tree is Christmas to me.  (Don't worry... I'm still posting my visions.)