Saturday, October 3, 2015

October General Conference Printables

Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk truly resonated with me this morning. When searching for spiritual truth's we need to be careful to not run into the "internet search follies."  We must ask questions such as: "Do I believe in God? Or Is my experience with the Church working for me?  Have I experienced a mighty change of heart?" While searching and working towards spiritual truth's, we can work towards our answers by asking, "Are we making our discipleship too complicated?  and then, "Start where you are." The complete talk will be found HERE when updated on  Until then, you can watch live at  General Conference.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Back to School Teacher Printables!

Last year I helped a friend decorate her classroom.  I had soooooo much fun!  She used bright happy colors and these papers were perfect for her classroom. Feel free to edit for your own classroom. 

So here is what I made..... 

2x4 Labels

10x13 Poster

2x4 Book Plates

2x4 Book Plates

2x4 Labels

8.5x11 Poster

 11x10 Poster

Monday, May 25, 2015

Cheap and Easy Shower Decorations

I LOVE hosting baby and wedding showers, but don't always love the expense that can occur.  I finally came up with a way to have coordinating decorations with very little cost.  

All you need is:
~Coordinating paper
~Matching Paper Straws
~Tissue Paper
~A Cutting Machine, or Trimmer and Punches

At most craft stores, on the scrapbook isle, they have the pads of coordinating themed paper.  Most every week, you can find these on sale.  During the Black Friday events, many of these are 50% -60% off.  That's when I stock up.   Normally they cost about $19.99 so $8-$10 is a super deal and well worth it.  Here's one I used recently to make baby shower decorations:

The paper colors and textures are just perfect!

 With many of these packs, the first few pages have bonus cutouts.  This is where you can get really creative with your decorating.  This particular pad had these cute rectangle sayings for a "Project Life" like scrapbook.  I used these instead as decorations:


Didn't they turn out sooooo cute.  I used paper straws to make the easels and used the leftovers for my jars. I used these instructions to make the paper straw easels.

Ok, so next, use the papers to create a banner.  You can personalize with letters if you wish, but for a quick and easy decor, just cut them out in the banner shape.  I used a Silhouette cutting machine, but simple triangles are easy to cut with a trimmer. 

With a hole punch and cheap twine...Ta Dah!  A banner!

While you have the Silhouette out, cut a bunch of circles.  If you have another circle punch or cutter, that will work too.  I then sewed a straight stitch through the paper circles.  Hot gluing them on twine will also work. 

Make a few paper balls like this tutorial and hang up!

You will have plenty of paper leftover so feel free to get as creative as you have time for.  It won't cost you any extra money!