Monday, April 28, 2014

Ahoy! It's a BOY!!

  I have a friend who throws AMAZING parties!  I am always in awe of what she comes up with.  To go along with our April Showers, I thought I'd share one of the baby showers she threw. 

The Theme was Ahoy! It's a Boy!

  I am in LOVE with her diaper decorations.  The large cake and the mini's are adorable. Such an easy and thoughtful decoration that the mother-to-be can bring home with her.  You can usually find the blank or already painted wooden shapes at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or JoAnn's. Adding a needed grooming set adds to the layers.

  The food looks amazing!  She used sails and tugboat bath toys to add to the theme. A sail can be made by poking a toothpick into a square shaped scrapbook paper.....super simple!  

  Oh, did you see those adorable shirts on the girls?  What a great way to make siblings feel special..... And don't forget those cute tie onsies. Want to know how... {Here's} a sewing tutorial and {Here's} a tutorial using the Silhouette!

Check out more pictures and party ideas on 

Need more inspiration to throw a Nautical Themed Baby Shower, check out my Pinterest Board!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

April Showers ~ The Water Cycle Unit Study

Going along with the April Showers theme, I thought I'd pull together a quick water cycle unit study.

~Bill Nye has some incredible videos about weather and the water cycle. Check these out on youtube {HERE} 

~If you have Amazon Prime or Netflix, watch The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm Or check out this clip on youtube: Magic Tree House

~Learn more about the water cycle using this cute free printable from {Science Doodles}

~Need a little extra help on remembering the order? Use this bracelet idea and printable from {F is for First Grade}

~Of course science needs experiments!  {This} site has several ideas:

~And just for of all ages will like this snack from {Bug and Monkey Mama}

~Want to expand and learn more about clouds?
   ~Refined Metals Academy has a GREAT unit study to go along          with F.I.A.R. Check her out.

~Play a cloud game

~Do a little field work using these cloud cards from {Measured in Moments}

Friday, April 25, 2014

April Showers Diaper Cake

What's a baby shower without the classic diaper cake?  I think every shower I go to now, has at least two.  It seems, though, that they have evolved tremendously in the last few years. 

Now there are diaper castles {Lisa's Food & Crafts}

diaper cupcakes {Bubbly Nature Creations}

diaper guitars {}

Not only do these make great gifts, but they make 
a perfect centerpiece.  

Here's my first diaper cake I made 3 years ago.  I followed {THIS} design and used scrapbook paper instead of receiving blankets or ribbon to wrap around it. I also followed a tutorial similar to {THIS} one to make the rolled flowers. Even if you can't make the amazing designs above, almost anyone can create one like mine.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dramatic Play ~ Meteorologist

   A few years ago, my oldest was completely fascinated with meteorology and weather.  She immersed herself in weather books, experiments and pretend play.  We even created our own pretend weather station using poster board, maps and weather cards. 

  Technology is a little more advanced now and there are several ways to enhance this dramatic play. All you need is:

a physical map on a wall or a digital map on a tv or computer
a laptop or tablet with a web cam
weather cards
a pretend microphone

   Children LOVE to see themselves on TV. Face the laptop towards them so they can see themselves pointing at the map.  Give them weather cards to tape on the map while they are speaking and that's it.... simple.  I promise they'll have fun AND want to learn more. 

{My daughter at the Children's Museum of Houston}


My daughter's favorite weather book was Weather by Usborne Books:

Free weather cards:

Weather maps:

Learn More:

Young Meteorologist Program from Planit Now! is a fun 
site to learn about meteorology as a career.  They also have great resources as well as a game to learn more about weather. 

Make a barometer:

Or an anemometer:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Using Tissue Paper to Dress up a Mason Jar Centerpiece

April has been the month of parties!  Every week I've been decorating for something.  I've learned a few tricks from some amazing people and I thought I'd share one.  

My daughter had a fundraiser for her church camp and we chose a western theme.  Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures, but we placed a bandanna in the center and put a mason jar filled with white and yellow silk flowers on it.  Similar to this.. but with a mason jar. {by Alana Valente}

So that was the first tip I learned..... putting silk flowers in a clear jar just looks horrible... had we had time or resources to change up the jar, painting them would look awesome... like these I saw on 

but since we didn't have the time nor the resources, we used colored tissue paper inside the jar.  It looked awesome... for fake flowers.  

The very next weekend we had another dinner event that my husband was in charge of.  I helped him out using the exact same settings, just changing it up a bit. 

Here I used the same jars and white flowers and added white tissue paper into the jar. 

 To finish the look, I had a few old books on hand and borrowed these adorable lamps bought from Ikea.  The cans were wrapped with scraps of burlap and I put a little chalkboard on them.  This table setting cost me nothing, but really can be made on a small budget and with items you have on hand. I think real flowers look the best, but if you are in a bind and have to use what you have, dress them up using tissue paper! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Called to Cub Scouts... again

I have once again been called to Cub Scouts!  I am quite excited because I am in a ward where the scouts are now getting the hands it needs to run smoothly...well, as smoothly as an evening with a bunch of 8-10 year old boys can run!  The rest of the year has already been planned out, so I'm pretty much going to be a helping hand for the next few months.  

Every time I've been in scouts, the need for a great discipline/ positive reward system is vital. They are using the marble jar I had started 3 years ago when I was called in.  I'm not sure how the boys are reacting to it now, but I'm looking for new ideas... just in case.  

Here are a few ideas I found!

Our pack uses these sometimes at pack meetings when cheering the person getting the reward... maybe we can use these as leaders when we see positive behavior. (Mrs. Robbins 2nd Grade)

From Eighteen25 , these punch cards are GREAT!  I might need to make them a little more "boy!" I just made my own version.... click {HERE} to download.

From Making Friends , scout bucks sounds like a fun thing to do.  Again, I'm thinking I will make my own Cub Scout version..... I just found this on my Pinterest Board.... guess I liked this ideas once before. I can not find the original to give credit. 

Rage Against the Minivan uses this idea with her kids.  This is basically the marble jar, but maybe introducing it a new way can keep it fresh!

The Idea Room uses a store with accumulated points.  This could be used in our scouts with any of the above ideas..... 

Another idea is to give each scout a bracelet.  When a positive behavior is seen, we can add a bead or take away for negative behavior. At the end of a specific period they can turn in beads to buy things at the store. 

April Showers Bring May Flowers ~ and Babies!

To go along with my April Showers Theme, I thought I'd share some of my favorite April Showers Baby Showers I found out there on the web. 

 I LOVE this birthday party from Crossing the Bugger Dixie Line!  I think it would be a perfect baby shower!`
My favorite things from this party is: 

~the homemade clouds
~the use of the adorable rain boots as a centerpiece
~it is gender neutral 
~the clear umbrellas filled with paper lanterns
~a kid table for those that bring their children

This cute April Showers Mini Shower from MG Party Impressions is so calming. Again, I LOVE...

~that it's gender neutral
~that a shower doesn't have to be huge to shower appreciation and love to the mother-to-be.
~the mixture of colors and patterns
~that most of the decor was made with pattern paper. 

This "whimsical" shower from Lisa Storms Is so light and fun AND EASY!

~Clouds are super easy to make and are perfect for the main decor
~I love those homemade pom poms 
~The lemon drops favor is PERFECT!

My favorite thing about this April Showers shower from Taylor Made is that the decor matches the invite.  I also love...

~ the raindrops garland over the gift table
~the adorable bunting as the backdrop of the food table
~ the use of clouds to label the drinks (SO CUTE)

What do you think of the April Showers theme?  
It's not too late if you need to put one together by the end of this month!  For other spring shower ideas check out my spring showers PINTEREST BOARD!