Thursday, April 21, 2016

Planner Items Up On Etsy!

The more I learn about planners and the planning community, the move I LOVE it!  I thoroughly enjoy sitting down to plan my week with all my fun supplies.  I have noticed that I'm actually accomplishing more!   So of course, my ever creating mind got right to work on what I could contribute to my planner.  I am so happy to report, my brain did not fail me. I created these super fun transparencies.  I have several designs listed on my Etsy shop!  Go take a peek HERE! 


Scripture Journaling Products

I also recently discovered a VERY talented Bible Journaling community. And let me tell you, these journalers are amazing and very inspirational. I started off trying to draw in my scriptures, and well, I am not an artist the drawing sense of the word. As I began to look around at ideas, I ran into all sorts of products specifically for Bible Journalers.  (I will share my favorite finds with you in another post.) So anyways, as you may have figured out from a few posts, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I tried to find products out there for Book of Mormon journaling. While there are a few, and a few AMAZING blogs, I realized my love for planners and this new love of scripture journaling could go hand in hand.  So, my new transparencies can be adhered to your scriptures, journals and planners!  I even have Christian and LDS specific designs.   So take a peek HERE at my Etsy Shop!
Here are a few samples of how I have used them in my scriptures: