Wednesday, March 4, 2015


This has been the craziest past 8 months of my life.  In July, I found out I was pregnant with our 7th child!  Kind of a shock, but we were excited nonetheless.  Of course, I was sicker than sick the first trimester.   To top it off, we found out we were moving to Atlanta!  Guess what that meant.... I actually had to finish all my half done projects (with the help of the hubs since I was so sick.)(I'll post pictures soon) 

We took the month of September to finish all of those projects and were very blessed to have 3 offers the very first weekend our house was up for sale.  Selling a home always has bumps along the way and ours was no exception.... except one of those was being homeless for about a month... at Christmas.  Thankfully, we stayed with my in laws and then endured the rest of the time in a great hotel with the kiddos.  

I found a house online and without even looking at it, had my husband make an offer.  I was a little nervous, but for the most part felt surprisingly calm about the whole process.  We were blessed to find a foreclosure with 6.5 acres only 20 minutes from my husband's Atlanta... that we could afford. Although it is in the suburbs, it feels a little like the mountains to us. Not quite like Texas, but we are loving it!

So here I am, one month until the due date of baby #7 and my brain is finally catching up and calming down. (of course not for long, right?) I've unpacked, assembled and organized until blue in the face.  I still need to decorate and redo the kitchen, but it will come (why can't I choose a house with a finished kitchen?)  

Thank you to those who have shown such an interest in my Cub Scout printables.  I am no longer a leader in Cub Scouts, but know from experience the need for great resources.  I'll try to hook you up and play around with a few more printables.   In the mean time, I have baby on the mind and will be pinning baby nurseries like crazy since this is the first time in 14 years I have room for a nursery.  

Thanks for enduring my crazy life.