Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello Matey Party Cont'd.

I really wish both of my cameras wouldn't have been out of commission for this sweet girls' party.  This is pretty much the only picture we got from my husbands phone.  I guess that means I'll be camera shopping soon.  
Back to the party.... 
~When the guests arrived, they were given a blank paper pirate's hat to decorate.  We had a few skulls, but we had Hello Kitty cut outs and pirate patches to put on her. Some went all out with foam letters. 

~They were each given a map which led to the treasure.

~The first station was walking the plank. We used large planks to make a small obstacle course. (the weather was perfect!)

~The next station was cannon pop.  We used black balloons and played that balloon relay where you have to run and pop the balloons.  Afterwards, I poured out the balloons and the kids had to scramble to pop them. (This would not work for younger children as a few were still scared of loud noises)

~We then played pin the patch on Hello Kitty. 

~Finally we were led to a scavenger hunt to find the treasure. 

~The treasure was found and they filled their loot bags with the booty.  We had necklaces, rings, gold coins, Hello Kitty Pez, candy rings, and money mints. 

~We sang Happy Birthday and ate simple snacks of Pirate Booty, Gold Fish (Kitty Treats), Pretzles (Peg Legs), Hello Kitty Cookies and Pirate Ship Cupcakes.  

My sweet girl had a blast and felt loved by her friends coming all the way out to her house (we live in the middle of nowhere).  I had a blast watching her have so much fun. I also had fun creating the images and think I've found a new love. 

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