Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sanding - Double Check

Flooring Part 4: 

My hands are still vibrating as I write this... we've been sanding today... all day.  And by we, my sweet husband did most of the work.  Something about having kids playing in the hose with their clothes on and dumping out the dog food took up most of my time... but I did do some... and definitely did quality control (poor husband).

So we used the Dewalt Orbital Sander and it is awesome!  We used a 60 grit paper first to get rid of the print and paint and my major cutting problems and then went over it with a 120 grit to quickly smooth each board out. 

The sanding pretty much corrected any unevenness I had from the cutting.  We also angled the sander to get a slight beveled look on the edges. 

The writing on the boards said that this product (the plywood) was known to cause cancer in the state of California.  Um... kind of freaked me out. So yes, wear your safety protection. I rock this look don't you think? 

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