Monday, June 25, 2018

All You Need Is Love {And Donuts}

We have had a whirlwind 2018.  My daughter became engaged in February and the wedding was in May.  It pretty much threw me for a loop. On a bright note, my daughter and I have been pinning weddings for years. I even went through a complete Pinterest wedding obsession several years ago.  So thankfully, her tastes hadn't changed much and we were able to begin the planning and DIYing right away.  

The first thing on the list was the cake.  Obviously, it was very important to my daughter.  And well, she isn't a huge fan of cake. But donuts on the other hand.... her favorite.  We had seen several donut cakes on Pinterest and were inspired by the following:

{Source Unknown}


She really wanted to have the cake and the wall, so I went off searching for the most reasonably priced way to have both.  I decided on pallets and I searched high and low for the perfect pallets.  I only found 3 the same color gray, but it ended up working out.  With a tape measure, drill, and my sons muscles, we were able to turn the pallets into the donut wall/backdrop. I love how it ended up being the centerpiece of the reception. 

My sweet friend made the cake layer and styled the donuts on the stand.  I just LOVE how it all turned out and it's true: All You Need is LOVE  {and donuts}

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