Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Minute Costume Party Idea

My kiddos absolutely LOVE Despicable Me.  My 5 year old wanted to be Edith for Halloween and wanted her little brother to be a Minion.  I began to scour the internet for ideas and found great crochet patterns on Etsy.  I don't crochet, but sent them to my mom (got to love those moms!).  But, these are easy costumes to replicate last minute.  What do you need?

Yellow Hooded Sweatshirt
Goggles or this Homemade Version

I have a Silhouette Cutting Machine, so of course I had to use it.  I printed the Gru Icon on Heat Transfer Paper and ironed it onto the overalls.  If you don't want this to be permanent, just cut the icon into a circle and pin it on the overalls. 

Pink Beanie Hat
Pink Shirt
Tutu or Purple Skirt
Pink Tights or Leggings

We could not find a striped sweater anywhere. (It's 85 here.)  So, after shopping all month, we decided to have her be Edith at ballet.  We already had the tutu, so her costume was basically nothing. YES!

Gray Sweater
Gray and Black Scarf
Would be perfect if you are bald.

My husband's really was last minute.  He never dresses up, but my 5 year old found the sweatshirt and scarf in our winter closet and well, my husband had no choice (thanks for being a good sport and sorry the scarf was purple). Anyways, really, if you are going in a group, most people will get that you belong to each other.  On Thursday I'm going to be The Box of Shame.... box, cut out strip to see, marker....  yep, it's that easy!

I think I have the cutest Edith, Gru and Minion! 

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