Saturday, March 15, 2014

Board Game Storage

We knew that when we moved into our home, we would have to get a little creative with organization.  Having 8 people share a 1577sq/ft home can get a little tight. One of the areas that needed a little help was with our endless collection of board games.  Board games can take up a LOT of space.  We used to shelve our games on 3 bookshelves in our sunroom out of sight from visitors.  Our new home is pretty open with very few walls, so unless I wanted everyone to see the messy disarray of games, I needed a new idea.  I had seen the dollar store basket organization ideas float around the internet and so my new "game closet" idea began. 

We have a coat closet in the hallway (I live in south TX... who needs a coat closet). I decided this was going to be the place. I removed the rod and placed a cheap plastic shelf inside. It was the perfect fit.  I then scoured our dollar stores for the cute turquoise baskets everyone was finding.  I really had to look high and low.  After searching several stores, I finally purchased 10 green ones (since I think everyone else looks on Pinterest and took the turquoise ones) for this project.  Then the real work began.  I literally took apart EVERY single game.  I placed all the pieces and instructions into gallon zip lock bags.  Most of the games fit perfectly... for some, even the boards fit.  For those games in which the instructions were on the box itself, I cut the box up. Next I placed the games into the baskets.  The kiddie games were placed near the bottom for easy access and the kids-may-not-touch-without-permission-games strategically positioned at the very top. 

I labeled each of the baskets and then made a master list of where each game is located.  (the B indicates a board goes with the game)

All of the large boards are on the shelf next to the baskets. 

We've been using this system for over a year now and it has worked pretty well.  I've had to clean out the closet maybe twice due to a 3 year old deciding to play more than one game at a time, but I've been pretty happy with this system. And what's great is, whenever we add a new game to our collection, I just write it in..... and when I get to it, I'll print out a new list. I just love when an idea works!

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