Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Medieval Times Dinner Theater and Tournament Commercial Shoot

  In January my family was chosen to be a part of the Medieval Times Dinner Theater and Tournament 2014 Commercial Shoot. We found out a week before the shoot that my husband had to go out of town... we were bummed.  I called my mom up to see if she wanted to join me and guess what? She did!  (She lives in AZ and is the BEST!) So let me tell you about our experience..... we drove 6 hours up to Dallas and picked my mom up at the airport (she had been there all day.) By then it was late and we grabbed a bit to eat, stopped by Target (because who can resist Target) and went straight to bed at the hotel.  We woke up super early because we had to be there at 7:45am and of course had to look our best.  The kids were great and we were all so excited.  Of course it also happened to be the day of the great Texas ice storm. We were FREEZING getting to the castle but it was kind of amazing seeing  the castle moat completely iced over (yes, crazy.)  So anyways, there we were and we seemed to be the only family there... YES!  We were going to be the stars of the show.... They sat us in the arena and told us to help ourselves to breakfast and the snack bars.  Umm.... yes, my children were in heaven being treated like movie stars with the all you can eat cookies and granola bars.  The staff were all so super sweet and accommodating. We were true "ladies" and "lords". Then the news came... apparently we did not read an email saying we didn't need to be there until 2pm.  Ugh... what to do until then.  Well, my kiddos all wanted to stay.  So, we did.  We were able to watch the behind the scenes action, watch a few shots done and of course, eat all that great food.  The best part was how nice everyone was... I mean, even the "BAD" guy of the show was sooooooo super nice.  He took us around and basically taught us the history of the show.  Did you know that the owner of the show is actually a knight in Spain... therefore any building he owns is actually a castle... so yes, we were guests in a REAL castle.  We even learned how to become  a knight in the show and all about their horse ranch outside of the city. Later in the day we realized the others were arriving and mingling in the main hall, but we decided to enjoy our special view and waited until they escorted everyone in.  Then the fun began..... we shouted and hurrahed and waved our flags until our voices no longer worked... and let me tell you, my 10 month old, is now a MASTER at waving a flag.  (He still waves his hand when we say YAY!) After 2 days of watching the making of the commercial and hoping we'd get in it, we left with free tickets and a fun memory.  The commercial came out today, and while we didn't get any face time (although I think one of our flags did :)), we will always remember this fun trip. Here's a link to the behind the scenes action in which my mom, daughter and son got in the scene at 1:26, 1:30, 2:42 (look to the left behind the princess): CLICK HERE 
Here's another behind the scenes: CLICK HERE
And here's the actual commercial: CLICK HERE
We can't wait to visit again!

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