Saturday, April 19, 2014

Using Tissue Paper to Dress up a Mason Jar Centerpiece

April has been the month of parties!  Every week I've been decorating for something.  I've learned a few tricks from some amazing people and I thought I'd share one.  

My daughter had a fundraiser for her church camp and we chose a western theme.  Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures, but we placed a bandanna in the center and put a mason jar filled with white and yellow silk flowers on it.  Similar to this.. but with a mason jar. {by Alana Valente}

So that was the first tip I learned..... putting silk flowers in a clear jar just looks horrible... had we had time or resources to change up the jar, painting them would look awesome... like these I saw on 

but since we didn't have the time nor the resources, we used colored tissue paper inside the jar.  It looked awesome... for fake flowers.  

The very next weekend we had another dinner event that my husband was in charge of.  I helped him out using the exact same settings, just changing it up a bit. 

Here I used the same jars and white flowers and added white tissue paper into the jar. 

 To finish the look, I had a few old books on hand and borrowed these adorable lamps bought from Ikea.  The cans were wrapped with scraps of burlap and I put a little chalkboard on them.  This table setting cost me nothing, but really can be made on a small budget and with items you have on hand. I think real flowers look the best, but if you are in a bind and have to use what you have, dress them up using tissue paper! 

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