Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Called to Cub Scouts... again

I have once again been called to Cub Scouts!  I am quite excited because I am in a ward where the scouts are now getting the hands it needs to run smoothly...well, as smoothly as an evening with a bunch of 8-10 year old boys can run!  The rest of the year has already been planned out, so I'm pretty much going to be a helping hand for the next few months.  

Every time I've been in scouts, the need for a great discipline/ positive reward system is vital. They are using the marble jar I had started 3 years ago when I was called in.  I'm not sure how the boys are reacting to it now, but I'm looking for new ideas... just in case.  

Here are a few ideas I found!

Our pack uses these sometimes at pack meetings when cheering the person getting the reward... maybe we can use these as leaders when we see positive behavior. (Mrs. Robbins 2nd Grade)

From Eighteen25 , these punch cards are GREAT!  I might need to make them a little more "boy!" I just made my own version.... click {HERE} to download.

From Making Friends , scout bucks sounds like a fun thing to do.  Again, I'm thinking I will make my own Cub Scout version..... I just found this on my Pinterest Board.... guess I liked this ideas once before. I can not find the original to give credit. 

Rage Against the Minivan uses this idea with her kids.  This is basically the marble jar, but maybe introducing it a new way can keep it fresh!

The Idea Room uses a store with accumulated points.  This could be used in our scouts with any of the above ideas..... 

Another idea is to give each scout a bracelet.  When a positive behavior is seen, we can add a bead or take away for negative behavior. At the end of a specific period they can turn in beads to buy things at the store. 

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