Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bedroom in the Living Room?

Ok, for my current scatter-brained idea I've been contemplating moving our master bedroom to the living room.  Say What?!  

We bought our home 1.5 years ago.  It's a 1500 sqft, 3/2 home on 16 acres.  Our thought process was that we could always build on.  Well, our thoughts have changed a bit.  Our priority right now is becoming debt free via Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps.  We paid off baby #6 and are ready to start this process.... so, that means a little bit of a sacrifice until we can pay for any renovations with cash. 

Right now we have one bedroom for the girls (13, 6, 3), one bedroom for the boys (11, 9), and the baby, mom and dad share a room.  Oh, and my oldest has turned the laundry room into her "hang out closet."  My kids hardly ever "play" in their rooms.  They do spend a lot of time outdoors, but they don't play because it's too small in the girls room and in the boys room there are Lego's EVERYWHERE!.  I made them a Lego table and have storage bins, but still... EVERYWHERE.  I am ready to get the baby out of our room. (I've co-shared a bed for 13 years and I think I'm ready for a little space).  So that being said, we can't put the baby in a room with Lego's EVERYWHERE! 

My husband's dream since we've been married has been to have our bedroom in the living room (don't ask why, I have no clue). So, I'm thinking of taking all toys out of bedrooms, and turning our master into a play room.  Yes, the Lego's will be in there along with the baby toys, but I'm certain that the boys will pick up or the consequence will be little kids playing with "their" toys.  That's a huge consequence in their minds. That leaves us with moving the bed into the living room (I've already moved the living room into the dining room.) I just have to figure out where to put all the "craft" stuff.  Hmmm..... once I decide, I feel like it's a huge decision.  I'm not sure I'll be willing to move everything back any time soon.... so to move or not to move.  
We've already turned our pantry into the school closet.

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