Sunday, February 16, 2014

Interchangeable Holiday Decorations.

I am so blessed to have a talented mother. See that cute crochet heart?  She made that and about 50 more just for me. A banner was made with some and the rest I snuck in around the house. I'm thinking I may be using the mini ones on cards this year.  
They are soooo cute. 

So now to my interchangeable holiday decorations thought. I made this burlap wreath before Christmas and I love it.  I was going to add our family initials to it, but  I have decided to change it with each season.  This really helps with budget and time. Plus, my wreath goes perfect with my regular home decor. For Christmas I used mini clothes pins to hang our Christmas cards on.  For my daughter's birthday it turned into a pirate wreath and now it's a Valentine's wreath.  I'm really hoping my mom learns how to make crochet shamrocks.... that would really rock. During off seasons, I will be using mini clothes pins to hang inspirational words or family pictures. 

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