Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sad the L-O-V-E is Over

I'm quite sad Valentine's day is over. I pretty much missed it due to the flu.  I'm the only one in the family to have gotten it (so far), but I was DOWN.  Thankfully the kids and I had a small party at our house before I got sick, but they missed the big homeschool party we do every year.  So here's the Valentine's we ended up making this year.  I thought they turned out GREAT and the kids LOVED them. Now there's more for them!

1. My teenager was inspired by all the glow stick Valentine's found on Pinterest.  She in turn used and created her own.  

2. I found the mustache whistles at Hobby Lobby and thought they would be perfect for the baby.  I opted to use a printable I found on Pinterest rather than create my own because, hey, I loved it. You can find it here by Lou la Belle Designs. 

3. My 11 year old is a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan. I had seen a few done around the internet, but made this one using an imported image and picmonkey.

4. Used picmonkey again!  Love that site.  My 3 year old was Minnie for Halloween, so we used that photo to make it more personalized. 

5. I used the printable found here.  Since it ended up being my 9 year old who wanted it and not the baby, we opted to make chocolate duckies rather than buy rubber duckies. 

6. My 6 year old is my mini me.  She loves to craft!  I had wanted to make the chapstick holder for her, but she wanted to be more involved.  So she found a pad with hello kitty stickers and coloring pages and inserted those into a party bag and decorated the bags.  I think they are perfect!

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