Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yep, I'm Scatter-Brained

When I was first married, I had a sweet friend take me under her wing.  She was artsy, creative, loud and fun!  Whenever I went to her home we would layer on the feather boas and craft to 80's music.  She might have had a few Martini's and although I don't drink, I fit right in (I was normally shy, quiet, uncertain).  We laughed and played until it was a little too late and we knew waking up to our babies would be torture. As I got to know her more, she confided in me that she was diagnosed bipolar. She couldn't stand taking her medicine because it prevented her from "creating." It was the thing she loved most about herself. Her greatest inspirations came from those "high" moments in her life. I have since lost touch with her (yes, shock with FB), and I don't know how she is dealing with her illness, but I truly cherish those times when I learned how to love myself for who I am.  She taught me to go for it, to trust yourself, and to not worry what others think of you.  I still struggle with some of those things, but as I've gotten older, I'm learning.  

Anyways..... with that being said.... although I am thankful I don't deal with a mental illness, I do deal with my own scatter-brain.  I am a wishy-washy, bipolar crafter, wannabe business owner, mom of 6, wife of 1, homeschooling teacher, city slicker farmer with one half painted wall.  And guess what?!  That's what I love about me!!!!  It may drive my husband and my OCD child crazy, but that's ok.  

So, rather than trying to pursue a business and a blog with one purpose (oh, I still love a great party!), I'm going to blog because I love it. I may have one post about a digital printable and the next may be about building a chicken coop or homeschooling.  I want to love what I do and not worry that I'm not getting the numbers or posting what others want to hear.  I hope you join me on my scatter-brain journey, but if not, I LOVE Kara's Party's.  You'll have to look her up.  Her site is AMAZING!  So here's to a new start... once again. (I'm sure there will be another one in the future.)

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